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Breaking Life: Ch. 7 The Teacher
Before Silver could reply, the taller person had dashed off into some brush. She chased after them rather ungracefully, seeming to get slapped with every branch that they pushed aside. The path was barely visible, but she could tell he had been here a few times before. He seemed to know what he was doing.
Silver tripped as she was temporarily blinded, and fell off a small drop that seemed to appear from nothing.
“Careful.” The stranger grunted as he came from nowhere and grabbed her arm, breaking her fall slightly.
“You’re awfully clumsy for a dragon.”
“I’m a blind dragon.”
“You aren’t blind here.” He pointed out.
She shrugged “When I am blind, in the real world, I’m not used to running.”
“... Is this world not real enough?” He asked, raising an eyebrow. Silver averted her eyes, something about him was somewhat intimidating. Maybe that was why she was reluctant to trust
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Mark My Words [Death Note Fanfiction] Ch. 3
I walked into my apartment and fell into my bed. My back hurt, I was unbelievably tired, my head hurt from all the tension yesterday...
I suddenly heard a plop noise in my room and sat up. I looked around, nobody was in here... But then I saw a black book on the floor.
"No..." I breathed. "Nooooo no no no no no."
I backed up, as if the notebook would come to life and stab me. After a minute or so of sitting and registering the fact that there was a death note in my room, I walked over to it and picked it up with two fingers.
"Yvette Penber." A female, monotone voice spoke my name. I jumped and grabbed a pillow, then threw it once I saw a pale figure in my room.
"Get out!!" I screamed. "I don't want this! I don't want a death note, or a shinigami!!"
The shinigami tilted her head, at least I think it's a her... she looks like a girl...
"Please, I just got on the investigation team, I don't want to be a suspect..."
"I'm sorry, Yvette, but this is my... my apology to you."
"Apology for wha
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Angela Upgrades by MizianTheDragon Angela Upgrades :iconmizianthedragon:MizianTheDragon 9 0
Breaking Life: Ch 6 No Title
“I try not to… It’s really expensive and hard to get ahold of.”
“And you know where it comes from?”
“… No…”
“Dragon bone?” She squinted at him.
“Dragons don’t exist.”
“What else would it come from?” Silver scoffed.
“I’ve always thought it was just a name. Then you showed up  claimed to have seen an actual dragon… Now I don’t know if I’ve been ignorant, or if you’re just mad.”
“You think I’m mad?” She asked, turning her head to the side to look at him with blind, amber eyes.
He went silent for a few seconds, “I have good reason to think so…”
“Explain your reasoning, I’ll prove to you that I’m most definitely not mad.”
“Well… You claim to have grown up alone, you don’t know anything about normal life. And you claim to be blind, yet you look at people when they spea
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Hiiii I'm Mizian and I'm weird, quirky, funny, somewhat energetic, and I love to meet new people!


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